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Character Name: Link
Series: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Canon Point: City in the Sky
Summary/History: Zelda Wiki: Twilight Princess

Due to the nature of the series, Link as a character doesn’t seem like a particularly deep individual. He is more often than not silent within the games, however there is a lot more to him than what appears to be at first glance.

He starts out his game appearing somewhat lazy, or at least as a person who enjoyed sleeping in more than being awake with the rising sun. Though he worked as a farm hand it appeared most of his tasks were done later in the day, usually ending closer to the setting sun. He wasn't completely without work ethic, though, seemingly enjoying his job and whatever difficulties might come with it including the occasional wrangling of a stray goat. He isn't against giving the kids that adore him a little teasing from time to time, and his smile is a genuine one still full of youth and vigor. In this sense he is very much a young man, still coming in to his own, and while the events of his journey may force him to grow up he doesn't completely lose that aspect of himself.

However like all Links throughout the history of Hyrule in their reincarnations, Link is very courageous. No amount of sleeping in would keep him from jumping in to actions when his close friends and village were threatened by twilight. When danger confronts him, even the smallest bit, Link will simply not back down. No matter how many times he was knocked down he would get back up again to carry on the fight, swearing to protect those who needed to be protected. Be it divine blessing by Faore, the fact that he has a connection to the TriForce of Courage, or simply by his own strong heart, Link becomes a hero not because he was forced into it by circumstance but because he is unable to be anything but courageous even when he might actually be afraid.

Beyond that, what he does isn’t for recognition or fame. He was given a task, an important and heavy one with the weight of the world on his shoulders and he does it because its the right thing to do and no other reason. Even though there is a secondary reason for the start of it - the safety and well being of his young friends who were injured and kidnapped - in the end it was all about saving Hyrule, his home, the people he considered both friend and family, and by proxy of all that the Twilight Realm. In this vein it also shows that Link is not a selfish individual at all, and is kind as well, almost to a fault. Ask him a favor and he's more than likely to acquiesce regardless of how tedious the task may be. He wants very much to be a helpful individual, and be it by battle or by charity he will do what he can to be that person.

One particular trait of note for Twilight Link that is not something explored in many of the others - he is said to have things about him that are akin to "a beast", though rarely stated in any negative way. Likely due to his transformation and connecting with a more primal inner self thanks to the power of the Triforce protecting him from Twilight, even the human Link retains some of his wolf-like attributes. His eyes in particular are a vivid, sharp blue that give off a sense of being intently watched by an animal rather than a human. His reactions with startled can seem almost ferally driven, like a wolf about to pounce. Though he won't retain the ability to transform in between the two states those with enough attention to detail and certain senses may be able to notice something strangely inhuman in the otherwise Hyrulean-born boy.

For as young as he is, Link has a wide array of varied abilities, most of them gained during his time spent traveling Hyrule and taught to him by the people he met along the way, though some skills did come innately to him over time.

He started off not only as a goat herder and horse back rider, but learning swordsmanship from his father figure Rusl. His swords skills only improved as he went on his journey and learned six hidden skills from a being only known as the Hero’s Shade. These six skills were passed down to him through teaching from the Hero’s Shade, and were considered sacred, hidden away until such time that the being could pass them on to the proper Hero chosen by the Goddesses.

Ending Blow, which allowed Link to strike down an enemy and finish them off with a stab while they are prone on the ground.

Shield Bash, in which Link used his shield as a weapon, slamming it in to an enemy to stun the momentarily.

Back Slice, where Link leaps behind an enemy and spin-jumps upwards with a slice to do damage to an enemy.

Helm Splitter, which is coupled with the Shield Bash in order to stun an enemy then leap over it, bashing it in the head with the blade of his sword.

Jump Strike, which is a charged-up version of Link’s basic jump attack that allows him to hit multiple enemies at once, but leaving himself open to attack at the same time.

And the most difficult skill to pull off in battle, Mortal Draw. Link must leave himself completely vulnerable, standing before an enemy with his sword sheathed and shield at his back, allowing for an attacker to get very close to him. When the time is right, he strikes with his sword in a powerful blow that is almost sure to do great damage and even kill weaker enemies. However timing is the most crucial thing with this move - if done wrong, Link could wind up severely injured himself.

Among his swordsmanship skills, he also learned how to sumo wrestle and shoot a bow and arrow accurately (among other marksmen skills) as well as fishing with a decent amount of aptitude.

In his own right, he’s very agile, able to duck, dodge and jump around quickly to avoid getting injured or struck down, and he’s shown to be a fairly quick learner when it comes to picking up other skills.

Items on your character:
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The following is a list of items Link received in-game with the items he will not be bringing with him crossed out. They were either never gained, returned, or rendered unneeded by the end/by his coming to another world. Outside links included for item information.

Wooden Sword : given to Talo, later broken
Ordon Sword
Master Sword
Hero's Clothes
Zora Armor
Magic Armor : too cumbersome to continually use, especially without Rupees to spare. Left behind.
Ordon Shield
Wooden Shield
Hylian Shield
Fishing Rod
Bottle 1: Great Fairy's Tears (will heal wounds and give temporary energy boost)
Bottle 2: Lantern Oil
Bottle 3: Rare Chu Jelly (will heal wounds and give temporary energy boost)
Bottle 4: Empty
Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr.: returned to City in the Sky
Gale Boomerang
Iron Boots
Hero's Bow
Quiver: 60 Arrows
Regular Bombs: 25
Water Bombs: 30
Bomblings: 0
Double Clawshots
Spinner (not very usable)
Ball and Chain
Dominion Rod : left behind, has no use beyond owl statues
Horse Call (Ilia gave it to him so it has sentimental value, but it obviously can't call Epona anymore.)
Giant Wallet : Has rupees totaling 789
Mirror Shards : Remained with Midna
Coral Earring


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